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About Us

Ever wondered how you could ensure your child had safe access to great fun-packed curated content in the digital world?
Welcome to Amaze Kids - a safe, easy to use digital world of entertainment and education which your child can explore freely and securely. We bring you and your family inspiring and entertaining content from around the world, meticulously handpicked and organized for your ease of use. You will find hundreds of videos on a wide range of topics from science to reading, music, arts and crafts and much more. Embark on a journey of discovery with Amaze Kids that will ignite your child’s creativity and imagination and encourage them to ask and seek answers to the world around them.

Created by Parents

Amaze Kids was conceptualized and created by a parent who wanted to provide a simple, safe digital environment for children filled with fun, interesting, educational, age appropriate content. At Amaze Kids, we believe that learning is not restricted to a defined syllabus. We learn everyday in the most amazing way, imbibing information continuously, acquiring new skills and understanding. Children are natural learners with a marvelous diversity of talents and interests. We hope that our content will excite them, pique their imagination, fuel their curiosity and most importantly, let them have fun.

Why Us?

Explore Securely - Each video has been handpicked and thoroughly screened to ensure it is child friendly and put into age appropriate categories. Feel free to explore all age groups and choose those you think will be most appropriate for your child.

Create Kids Profiles - Start by setting up profiles for your kids. Choose age groups you think will be appropriate for your child to customize the available content. You can also access the app using your login simultaneously on multiple devices.

Set Up Playlists and Favorites - For each profile you create, you can choose your Favorite videos and quickly and easily access them. You can also create playlists for each profile.

Parental Control - Set up a passcode to ensure your children can only access the App and other Settings with your permission.

Set a Timer - For each profile, set up a Timer to control how long your children can watch the app for. The app automatically locks when the timer ends.

Completely Free and Secure

One of the main drivers behind the creation of Amaze Kids was the desire to provide a safe, digital environment for children. Amaze Kids is a 100% Free app - that means No Ads (except for ads shown within YouTube videos over which we have no control), No Subscriptions and No Secret Costs.
So, what are you waiting for? Download the app and start your kids’ journey of discovery today. Let them use their senses and imagination as they explore Amaze Kids and they may start to notice things around them that they’ve never wondered about before.



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